Adania Group has been the building block of trust and comfort by signing millions of dollars of projects in various regions of Turkey and especially in Istanbul in the construction sector it entered in 1993.

Along with strictly complying with earthquake regulations in every project, it raises the bar for durability and safety even more. The title deeds of each project in which Adana Group companies are involved are prepared before they are offered for sale; It is aimed that customers do not experience any problems in the after-sales process. The sale of all structures built to date is based on this principle.

Adania Group aims to minimize the cost value by purchasing the lands of all the buildings built and planned to be built within the scope of its projects. In this way, it allows you to buy the house you want at a more affordable price. In addition, it aims to break the perception of ‘luxury apartments and high prices’ formed in the minds, especially with the best price advantages in ultra-luxury apartments. The wide social activity areas in the projects are planning to create social living spaces rather than offering a home or workplace.

While the aim is planning to add value to your life and your environment with its projects that make life more livable; It also offers a profitable investment opportunity for the future.