The importance of Mersin, Adana and Hatay, which is the gateway of developing Turkey to the Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean countries, is increasing day by day. As Adana Investment, we are a group of companies that act with this awareness and invest in these regions.

We are in dialogue with companies that do serious business in Turkey, have a corporate identity and grow steadily. As Adana Group, we use this dialogue to benefit foreign investors and companies that have an interest in Turkey. Our aim is to ensure that foreign investor companies doing business with us make a profit in our country and attract investment companies from their own countries to our country, especially to the Çukurova region.

In the Çukurova region, which includes Adana and Mersin, incentives are high, transportation and traffic are comfortable, land costs and life are cheap, and the climate is good. The region has an air and sea port alternative; It is a region that is encouraged for industrial investment in terms of being close to the Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean countries. In terms of transportation and logistics, there are Mersin International Port, which is Turkey’s largest port and the Middle East’s gateway to the world, Adana International Airport and TEM and railways in the region.

We are of the opinion that businessmen who came from different regions of Turkey and established companies in Istanbul will contribute to the Turkish economy by protecting their own regions and investing in those regions. As a businessman of Adana origin, I introduce the Çukurova Region to foreign companies at every opportunity.

As a company that supports the promotion and investment of Çukurova Region, whose value is increasing day by day, we can solve the problems that may arise from Ankara thanks to our continuous dialogue with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. we do. For example, Çukurova Gayrimenkul İnşaat A.Ş., a subsidiary of our group, enabled the “Reciprocity Law” to be enacted with the support of our President, Prime Minister and Ministers, as a result of negotiations with our President, Prime Minister and Ministers against the ban on real estate sales to many countries such as the Turkic Republics, Iran and Arab countries. Thus, we helped our country to contribute 5 billion Euros annually from sales to foreign nationals.

Cihangir SON
Chairman of the Board